Frequently Asked Questions

What is SharedSolar?

This new community solar program, called SharedSolar, will be offered to electric consumers located in Provo, Spanish Fork, Nephi and Salem. SharedSolar customers can lease a block of the solar panels in the array and then receive an electric bill credit for electricity generated by their block share of the community solar system. This is similar to someone who has rooftop panels installed on their home. SharedSolar can be a great option for people who are unable to install solar panels on their roofs because they don’t own their homes, have insufficient solar resources or roof conditions to support a rooftop solar system due to shading, roof slopes or roof size, or for financial/other reasons.

Where is the SharedSolar project located?

The SharedSolar, or Community Solar project, is located in Spanish Fork at 1500 East Spanish Fork Parkway, just East of Lowe’s. There are over 11,900 solar panels on steel racks located on top of the city’s old landfill, which is a perfect use of this land.

Do I have to participate?

No, the SharedSolar program is voluntary, however the customers must submit their name, address, utility customer number (located on their utility bill) and the number of SharedSolar blocks they wish to enroll. A customer service representative from the designated city utility will contact you within 3-6 business days to verify your account information, review the request and sign you up for the program.

What are the benefits of participation?

SharedSolar allows everyone in your city to benefit from renewable solar energy, even if they can’t put panels on a rooftop. For all customers, they benefit the environment by choosing clean renewable electricity over traditional fossil-fueled energy sources at a small monthly fee. In some cases, in Provo and Salem, SharedSolar power may be less expensive than traditionally tiered electrical prices and may save money on their monthly bills. If subscribers of SharedSolar move to a new home within one of these cities’ service territory, they can continue to benefit from their community SharedSolar.

How does SharedSolar project work?

Electricity is generated during the day from the sun at the solar project and then delivered into the power grid. The utility is credited with the specific energy allocation from the power grid based on the electricity generated from the project based on their customer participation. SharedSolar customers are credited on their electrical bills for their share and participation in this program. The customer is recognized for their participation in promoting and using clean renewable electricity at their home or business.

What are the terms and conditions of enrollment?

See the link to the terms and conditions for the SharedSolar program at the bottom of this page. If you have any questions about the terms and conditions, you can call your customer service representative from your city.

How much does the program cost?

The current residential rate for SharedSolar is $0.1062 or 10.62 cents per kWh of energy. The SharedSolar generation cost of 4.42 cents is locked-in for the life of the project. The non-generating costs and delivery charge may increase slightly as approved in the rate making process.

How much should I sign up for?

Customers may sign up to almost their monthly average energy usage. SharedSolar is sold in 200 kWh monthly energy blocks. For example, if a customer uses about 920 kWh of electricity per month, a customer may elect to sign up from 1 (200 kWh) to 4 (800 kWh) blocks of SharedSolar. We do not want customers to sign up for more than what they can use.