Provo Power Commercial SharedSolar Program
Terms and Conditions

  1. SharedSolar is a voluntary program for commercial customers who wish to participate in the community solar program offered by Provo Power.
  2. The customer must have a current utility account in their name and be in good standing.
  3. Commercial customers may purchase solar energy at the following percentage of the Customer’s monthly electric consumption:

    ___ 30% ___50% ___80% ____100%

    a. 20% of our existing power resources are produced by hydro and those renewable energy credits (RECs) are handled differently. Options for receiving the RECs for a combination of solar and hydro are flexible depending on the customer’s portfolio needs.

  4. Billing for enrollment in the SharedSolar program will begin at the beginning of the next billing cycle and is not prorated.
  5. Upon enrollment, the SharedSolar energy rate will be honored until July 1, 2042, contingent on renewable energy credit (REC) availability. The SharedSolar rate may then be changed by action from the City Council to collect changes in costs for non-generation components (transmission/distribution/services).

    Solar Energy Rate: $0.0576/kWh
  6. All other rates established by the utility are applicable including base rate, demand (kW) charge, PCA (if applicable), and power factor charge. SharedSolar energy is to be credited first as the energy supply to the customer utility bill. All other energy tiers and rates are to be applied in the order as established by the utility. Customer utility bills will vary depending on the amount of subscribed SharedSolar energy and customer’s monthly consumption. The customer is responsible for all amounts and charges owed to the utility according to proper utility billing of the fees and services.
  7. Participating customers must commit to the SharedSolar program for a minimum of two years, however, once enrolled the customer will remain in the program until they cancel or the end of life of the project.
  8. Changes to enrollment percentages can be made to a SharedSolar account and will be prorated and charged appropriately through the end of the billing cycle. Provo Power reserves the right to charge a $75 customer service fee at any time changes are made to an account.
  9. Rates and regulations associated with the utility are approved by the city council and are not subject to the Public Service Commission.
  10. Customers participating in the RenewChoice SelectGreen wind program cannot participate in the SharedSolar program and vice versa.
  11. Customers that are currently enrolled in group or budget billing (or other special billing categories as determined by billing staff) will need to change their account billing status before enrollment in the SharedSolar program can be completed.
  12. Customers that are net metered cannot participate in the SharedSolar program.
  13. These terms and conditions are set by the member utilities and are subject to change by the governing board.
  14. Solar energy may come from either the Spanish Fork Community Solar Project or the Clover Creek Solar Project (Mona, UT.).
  15. The Customer is entitled to make environmental marketing claims for the environmental attributes associated with renewable energy credits (RECs) emissions reductions, offsets, and allowances. Customer shall follow the Federal Trade Commission’s green guidelines for environmental claims as set forth in Part 260 – Guides for the Use of Environmental Marketing Claims. Customer shall not transfer or resell these environmental attributes. For those with WREGIS1 accounts, the Utility (via the Agency) can transfer the associated renewable energy credits (RECs) into their accounts. These RECs are non-transferable and can only be retired by the commercial customers for their energy consumption. The Utility will transfer to the Customer’s RECs account all purchased RECs on an annual basis. For customers without a REC account, the Utility will retire the RECs in the name of the customer to comply with FTC guidelines on an annual basis. The Customer will be responsible for any WREGIS administrative fees associated with the transfers of the RECs.
  16. The Customer will not be entitled to any federal, state, or local tax incentives or investment credits. The competitive rate for the solar energy already reflects the benefits of any incentives collected in the development, construction and contracting for the solar facilities.