Welcome to NatureShade – your opportunity to contribute to energy conservation and a greener environment. Qualifying residents in select cities can receive a free shade tree to plant near their homes.

By embracing NatureShade, you’re not only reducing strain on the electrical grid but also enhancing air quality. These shade trees offer more than just beauty – they lower cooling costs, decrease energy use, and even sequester carbon emissions. Join us in making a difference with NatureShade and enjoy a cooler, more sustainable future.

The NatureShade Program will soon be available for a Spring offer! The application form will open on April 2, 2024.

About the NatureShade Program

NatureShade is a program provided by Provo City Power where eligible residential utility customers can apply for a free shade tree to plant on their property in Provo. When planted properly and at full growth, the trees can cast enough shade to keep energy costs down in the home.

In addition to the shade trees having potential of providing energy savings, there are long-term benefits for our community including carbon sequestration, and beautification of our homes and neighborhoods.

Benefits of NatureShade

Plant trees strategically around your property to act as a natural air conditioner for your home.

Trees can help save money by reducing the demand for power during the hot summer months.

Trees planted in your yard can limit heat from the sun, and reduce cooling costs by 30-50%.

Lawns shaded by trees also use less water, saving you even more money!

Trees That Were Available for NatureShade in 2023

The following three trees were offered in 2023 but each year varies according to what is available. All trees are selected for their growth rate, shade benefits and because they grow well in Utah’s environment.

Presidential Gold Ginkgo

Height                             50ft

Width                              40ft

Growth                        Medium

This is large tree suitable for a shade tree or a garden centerpiece. It has a full branching crown when young and a strong central leader. Outstanding golden yellow fall color.

Heat and drought tolerant.

Royal Raindrops Crabapple

Height                             20ft

Width                              15ft

Growth                        Moderate

Leaves stand out—glossy deep purple, lasting through summer’s heat, transitioning to a mix of bronze, orange, and purple in fall. Late summer brings red fruits (inedible).

Heat and drought tolerant; minimal insect/disease issues.

Emerald Sunshine Elm

Height                             35ft

Width                              25ft

Growth                         Rapid

Features deeply corrugated leaves that emerge coppery-bronze and mature to glossy green, turning yellow in the fall, sometimes with purple tints on the ends.

Insect resistant and tolerant of heat and drought.

Interested in the NatureShade Program?

Currently, Provo is the only participating city. Provo will soon be offering a Spring program, and applications will open April 2, 2024. Be sure to mark your calendars and check back then to apply for the Spring 2024 giveaway!