Wow. The times have changed. I haven’t used an electric mower for many years. I just got done mowing my yard with a 56 volt mower and am very impressed. It was strong enough to power through the places that bogged down my older gas mower. The battery charged very quickly and was at 50% after completing my averaged sized yard.  The self propelling function and quiet operation were unexpected bonuses. I wish I had switched to an electric mower sooner.

Kelly Baker

VP - Information Technology, Utah Municipal Power Agency

As Mayor of Spanish Fork, I know that our citizens are very interested in exchanging their old gas-powered mowers for clean electric-powered lawn equipment to reduce pollution.  This new exciting rebate program to encourage residents to pick clean over the traditional equipment will make a difference by cleaning up the air for a few dollars in a rebate. I encourage everyone to look into the GreenXchange program.

Steve Leifson

Spanish Fork Mayor

I care about the environment and clean air in Provo.  That is why I support this new GreenXchange program – an incentive to encourage residents to dispose of their old, dirty gas-powered lawnmowers for a new clean electric-powered yard equipment.  Using an electric mower will reduce pollutants and help in improving our air along the Wasatch front.  I hope Provo residents will take advantage of the program and do what they can to clean our air.

Michelle Kaufusi

Provo City Mayor


Successful efforts over the past several decades have reduced some types of air emissions by significant amounts.  Vehicles are cleaner.  Three of Utah’s five oil refineries are investing millions of dollars to produce clean-burning Tier 3 fuels. Residents have responded well to education efforts and incentive programs that among other things, encourage people to switch gas-powered lawnmowers and snowblowers for electric ones and wood-burning stoves with less-polluting heating sources.

The Utah Roadmap – Positive Solutions on Climate and Air Quality Kem C. Gardner Policy Institute – University of Utah, page 8, January 31, 2020.

I’m excited to see more and more areas taking charge of their own air quality initiatives. Taking the leap to transition to newer, cleaner technologies can be intimidating and worrisome but I think these programs build trust in electric equipment and spark behavior change within neighborhoods and social circles. It encourages us to make changes for ourselves and ultimately for our communities and greater airsheds. Not only that, but people love not needing to mix oil and gas for trimmers, not being exposed to harmful fumes, and the neighbors love getting to sleep in!

Courtney Ehrlich

Manager of Division of Air Quality Grants

“I mow my lawn with an electric-powered mower.  The mower runs much quieter than my old gas mower, and there is no emissions.  It works great.  Also, my electric-powered grass trimmer is very easy to operate and easy to start.  These electric-powered tools are just a few of the many ways I try to reduce my carbon footprint. Everyone concerned about air quality or climate change can immediately switch to clean electric-powered yard equipment and make a big difference.  Great program!”

Don Jarvis

Chair, Provo Sustainability and Natural Resources Committee/Provo Mayor's Sustainability Adviser