Which cities’ electric utilities are participating in this new GreenXchange program?

Provo, Spanish Fork, Salem, Nephi, and Manti

Which cities’ electric utilities are participating in this new GreenXchange program?

Provo, Spanish Fork, Salem, Nephi, and Manti

Why are these electric utilities offering a rebate for electric powered lawn equipment?

These utilities want to encourage to replace polluting gas-powered mowers and equipment for cleaner, quieter and non-polluting electric equipment. According to Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), lawn mowers produce up to 5% of the country’s air pollution.  In the same study, the EPA concluded that to match the pollution produced by a new lawn mower for 1 hour you would have to drive 11 new cars over the same time span. State of Utah reported that that a lawn mower running for 1 hour can produce more pollution than driving a car 196 miles. We want to promote this program to clean the air and encourage the use of electricity.

Who is eligible to receive the rebate?

You must be a current residential electric utility customer with an account in your name and in good standing to be eligible to apply for the rebate. We invite you to apply thru the website and see if you qualify.

Where can I apply for the rebate?

Applications are submitted on-line by following the steps of the program on the website. The first step is to fill out the application form with some basic information and submit it. If you are unable to complete the process, utility customers may also apply by contacting their city’s representative for the program as shown on the Step 1 page.

What items can I dispose of and exchange for a rebate?

The list includes lawnmower, snowblower, leaf blower, and trimmer. All equipment must be gas-powered.

How many rebates am I eligible for?

Customers are limited to only one (1) rebate per year, no matter what the item is. For example, you cannot receive a rebate for a lawnmower and a snowblower in the same calendar year.

In other words, over a four-year timeframe (pending program viability and budget), a customer can receive all four item rebates; one per year, with no duplicated items.

How much money can I receive from the rebate?

Rebates are given up to the purchase price of the equipment & one (1) battery or the amount shown on the website whichever is less. Rebates will not include taxes.

How long will this rebate program be available?

Each utility has set aside certain amount of funds for the program. The GreenXchange program and rebate is available while funds last in each participating city. Once you make application for approval for the program, you will either be approved via email notice or the website will indicate no further application will be accepted.

Once I have been approved for a rebate, how long may I take to dispose of the gas-powered equipment and purchase the new electric equipment?

Approved customers may take up to forty-five (45) days to complete the program and complete the final step 4 by submitting the proper receipts. Customers who fail to complete the program within forty-five (45) days will forfeit their rebate as elected by the utility department.

What happens if I do not complete the program in the allotted forty-five (45) days?

Customers who do not complete the program within the forty-five (45) days will need to reapply by starting in step 1. Unused funds will be reissues to qualifying applicants until the funds are gone.

How long will it take for the rebate to be processed?

Once all paperwork and receipts are uploaded, the rebate may take up to four (4) weeks to be processed.

Where do I dispose of my old gas-powered equipment to qualify for the program?
These locations have partnered with the GreenXchange program.
  • South Utah Valley Solid Waste District – Provo, Spanish Fork, Salem
  • Manti City Center – Manti
  • Nephi City Power – Nephi
These disposal sites have partnered with the cities to ensure the removal of the equipment from service and will recycle the metals. No other disposal sites will be acceptable for a rebate under this program.
What happens to the equipment that I take to an approved disposal location?

The gas-powered equipment will be made inoperable (verified destruction) and all metals will be recycled and the other parts of the equipment will be disposed.

Where am I able to purchase new equipment?

Buy local. We encourage customers to buy from local vendors as listed on the website – under step 3. These businesses located in your cities help create jobs, provide taxes back to the cities and support the local economy. They have agreed to support the program and can offer tips and suggestions on selecting the right equipment for your yard. However, equipment purchased from any vendor will be eligible for a rebate. You must submit a valid receipt which will include state sales taxes however, taxes will not apply to the rebate.

What brands of electric powered equipment must I buy to participate in the program?

Any brand of electrical equipment will be eligible. We encourage customers to research different brands and purchase what works best for them. Again, your local business can help you.

What documents do I need to turn in to receive the rebate?

There are two forms to be uploaded: 1)The GreenXchange document that you receive from your utility and 2) a receipt that shows proof of purchase. In order to receive the rebate your GreenXchange document must be stamped and signed by the disposal sites.

What if I don’t own a gas powered mower and I am a first time buyer of yard equipment, can I still qualify for a rebate?

At this time, there is no rebate available for first-time buyers. This may change in the future.

What benefit does this program have on the environment?

The purpose of the GreenXchange program is to better the air quality in the participating cities by reducing pollution caused by gas-powered lawn equipment.

Can I buy the electric powered mower before disposing of my old lawnmower?

Once the customer’s application is approved (by receiving the Xchange form via email from the utility department), the customer can purchase the new equipment before disposing of the gas-powered equipment. Both steps (disposal and purchase) are required to qualify for the rebate.

Where does the money come from to fund this GreenXchange rebate program?

Funds for this GreenXchange program were created through operational savings by the electric utilities’ wholesale supplier to the cities. It is expected that in future years, additional funding will be available in a similar manner.

Provo and Spanish Fork City have received a grant from UCAIR for an additional $20,000 to support this effort.

Who is UCAIR?

UCAIR stands for Utah Clean Air Partnership. UCAIR is a statewide clean air partnership created to make it easier for individuals, businesses, and communities to make small changes to improve Utah’s air. Provo and Spanish Fork City have received a grant from UCAIR for an additional $20,000 to support this effort.

www.ucair.org offers many ways Utahns can improve the air.