Frequently Asked Questions

What is SharedSolar?

Commercial customers can subscribe to solar generation from our utility grade solar plant(s) located in Spanish Fork and Mona, Utah. Instead of adding rooftop solar arrays to buildings, an agreement of participation will allow customers to reap the benefits of solar generation without having to add costly rooftop solar arrays. Options of participation are based on percentages of total energy consumption wherein the determined allocation will be applied to the monthly billing.

Where are the SharedSolar plants located?

A 4MW solar plant is in Spanish Fork at 1500 East Spanish Fork Parkway. There are over 11,900 solar panels on steel racks located on top of the city’s old landfill, which is a perfect use of this land. The solar panels on this property produce at about a 25% capacity factor, 5%-10% above standard rooftop solar arrays.

An 80MW solar plant is in Mona, Utah, where there are over 140,000 rotating solar panels producing solar at 30-35% capacity factor. About 15-20% higher capacity than standard rooftop arrays.

Do I have to participate?

No, the SharedSolar program is voluntary, however if customers are interested, they must submit their name, address, utility customer number(s) (located on their utility bill) and the percentage of SharedSolar production they wish to utilize. A customer service representative from the designated city utility will contact you within 10 business days to verify your account information, review your request and sign you up for the program.

What are the benefits of participation?

The SharedSolar program allows everyone in your city to benefit from renewable solar energy, even those that can’t put panels on a rooftop. In addition, the program helps the environment by producing clean renewable electricity over traditional fossil-fueled energy.

How does SharedSolar project work?

Electricity is generated during the day from the sun at the solar project and then delivered into the power grid. The Utility meters the energy generated and SharedSolar customers are credited on their electrical bills for their share and participation in this program. The customer is recognized for their participation in promoting and using clean renewable electricity at their home or business.

What are the terms and conditions of enrollment?

The terms and conditions for the SharedSolar program are found within the content for each participating city. If you have any questions about the terms and conditions, you can call your customer service representative from your city.

How much does the program cost?

The overall cost is dependent on your percentage election, and because each participating city utility has different commercial rates, please reference the terms and conditions for each city respectively.

How much should I sign up for?

This is determined by your company goals and vision of how much you want to offset your carbon footprint. Available options range from 30% – 100%.

Can I recieve Renewable Energy Credits for participation?

Yes, renewable energy credits (RECs) are available for transfer and retirement by the account holder. The customer shall follow the Federal Trade Commission’s green guidelines for environmental claims. Please see your city terms and conditions for more details and information.