Terms and Conditions

City Opt-in—UMPA Member Cities may choose to participate in the program.

Customer Opt-in (Voluntary)—All customers may choose to join the RenewChoice program (in a participating UMPA Member City). RenewChoice is voluntary. Customer must be in good standing to enroll into the RenewChoice program.

Rate for RenewChoice—$2.00 per 100 kWh energy block of RenewChoice.

Rate Changes—Rates for RenewChoice are set by UMPA and each Member City’s municipal council and are subject to change. The rate for RenewChoice is set to recover the power cost differential for the renewable power supply plus a ten percent (10%) administration fee. Customers will be notified of any change in the rate at least 60 days in advance.

Cancellation—Customers can cancel at any time with no fees. Please note that the service will be applied on the remaining billing month (end of the billing cycle) which may be up to 30 days.

RenewChoice Supply—100% Wind in 2015. Other applicable renewable resources may be added as determined by UMPA in the coming years.

Other Fees and Taxes—All applicable federal, state and local taxes will be added to the electric utility bill.

Tracking—UMPA and the City agree to identify and track all funds associated with the program.

Signing Up—Consumers will be able to sign up for the program through the city’s utility department and at the RenewChoice website.

Marketing RenewChoice—UMPA and participating member cities will develop and market the program using a variety of marketing and advertisement tools.

For More Information—On our website here is a “frequently asked questions” tab.

Terms and conditions are subject to change by UMPA.

Updated January 2015