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Use this calculator to estimate your monthly cost of participation and how much of an impact you can make on the environment.

Note: this calculator is designed primarily for residential power customers. Businesses and large organizations may contact their city utility to discuss the benefits and impact of RenewChoice participation and to obtain a quote for the cost of participation.

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You would purchase this many Renew-Choice blocks:

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(each block equals 100 kWh of energy purchased from renewable sources)

Your estimated monthly RenewChoice cost (in addition to your regular electric bill) would be:

Your estimated environmental impact* by purchasing   of RenewChoice clean energy for 12 months would be equivalent to:


lbs. CO2 emissions offset


miles not driven


lbs. coal not burned


trees planted

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When you enroll in RenewChoice, your electric utility purchases renewable energy equal to your RenewChoice purchase; this guarantees that renewable energy was produced and delivered to the grid, which helps reduce the need for fossil-fuel electricity in the region where the renewable energy facility is located. Your purchase also helps build a market for renewable energy and will have other local and global environmental benefits.

* These figures are estimates only. Environmental impact calculations derived using US Environmental Protection Agency’s Green Power Equivalency Calculator ( and Clean Energy resources (