More and more people today are showing interest in sustainable practices for their homes and businesses. Historically in Utah, most of the energy used to power our homes and businesses has been generated using coal, which is a finite resource and when burned, releases greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, which can have unfavorable environmental consequences.

Today, the energy industry is exploring new ways to generate power for consumers using renewable resources (such as wind, sun, and water). However, generating power from these renewable sources is more costly than from the traditional power supplies.

RenewChoice allows energy consumers in certain Utah cities to purchase blocks of power that are from renewable sources. The program allows flexibility for how much of a power customer’s energy portfolio comes from clean energy. Customers may opt in or out at any time (allowing for about 30 days of processing time).

How It Works

You choose to purchase renewable energy in 100-­kilowatt-­hour (kwh) increments, known as blocks. Each block costs $2 per month, which is an additional charge on your regular usage-based energy bill.

Your electric utility then purchases renewable energy on the customer’s behalf, equal to their RenewChoice purchase. This renewable energy is then added to the energy grid in place of energy that would have come from non-renewable sources, such as coal-fired energy.

You can subscribe to as many blocks equal to your consumption as you wish. Participation is voluntary, and you can discontinue at any time.

Your purchase helps cover the cost of the renewable energy sources, and also helps solidify a market for renewable energy, helping to support the future development of renewable energy resources in your area.